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Home Valuation

Comparative Market Analysis

Our homes valuations are a based on accurate sales data that is specific to your particular property. Other websites offer instant valuation reports. These are good for basic information but no real estate transaction decision should be made based on this information. It is best to get first-hand information from a San Antonio real estate professional that is in-tune with your area.

Trends and Values

One key service that we offer is comparative market analysis (CMA) upon request. This is a free service that allows sellers to make an informed decision. The CMA calculates data from all homes sold, sorts the information using multiple data-points (square footage, age of home, type of construction, upgrades, etc.), then allows head-to head comparisons to show trends and values.

Honesty & Accuracy

Honest and accurate valuations are an important aspect of the decision making process. We provide objective assessments regardless of the outcome. Core Values Realty Associates will never stretch the value of your home just to get the listing, we value integrity over financial gain.

Fill out the contact form and within 24hrs we will contact you to gather information so we can provide you with an accurate valuation report with sales statistics from your neighborhood.

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