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Military Relocation

Core Values Realty Associates specializes in military relocation. Check out our top tips for military moves.

Tips for preparing for PCS

Inbound PCS

  1. Do not wait until you arrive to start your search
    1. As soon as you learn about your orders, promptly reach out to Core Values Realty Associates to get the house hunting started
    2. Upon arrival, we will meet you on base, post, airport, or at your hotel and start the process of viewing homes in-person and getting a feel for neighborhoods and areas.
  2. Research schools
    1. San Antonio offers several choices for top-rated schools. Children will have access to several academic and extracurricular options.
    2. We offer information on schools to include ratings and locations.
  3. Don’t linger in billeting or hotels
    1. Core Values Realty Associates uses video feed and other cutting edge technology to help inbound military members narrow choices. This cuts down on time and money spent on temporary living.
    2. With a timely purchase, members will avoid the inconvenience of being without household goods.
  4. Know your BAH
    1. Because of varying rates of BAH, check your allowances prior to arrival as the San Antonio area allowances are adequate for purchases at all ranks.

Outbound PCS

  • At least one year prior to becoming “hot” for orders, it is important to understand your equity position in your home. At this time we will run a market analysis to find out the correct pricing strategy to maximize your profits.
  • Preparing your property to sell competitively can be a costly undertaking. This is not something that should be done at the last minute. Long before it is time to put your home on the market, we come to your property to provide recommendations that increase potential for rapid sale.
  • Core Values Realty Associates is a veteran owned and operated business that understands the intricacies of PCS relocations and the mental, physical, and financial burden that can weigh heavily on families. Because of this, we provide information early and often to eliminate potential surprises. We draw from past experiences clients’ feedback to stay abreast of the way the military conducts its business and adapt accordingly.
  • Core Values Realty Associates also works with a network of realtors nationwide who specialize in military relocation. We can provide great contacts at your PCS location that will be able to get the process started at the new location.

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